Kyle Blaqk

Frontman, Kyle Blaqk, of dark rock duo, Auger’s dark acoustic project. Combining folk influences with the melancholic 80s tracks, Blaqk offers a unique acoustic-rock fusion.


Founded by singer and producer, Kyle J Wilson, and guitarist, Kieran Thornton in the industrialised North of England, Auger’s sound is a unique blend of gothic, electronic, and metal music. Such music takes inspiration from bands in the 80s, all the way through to the present day. Since formation in mid-2017, Auger has brought their high-energy, dramatic live show to over 60 live shows spanning 50 cities and 8 countries and cultivated a loyal, dedicated fanbase deemed the MINERS.


In total Auger have released 3 albums and 3 singles, all three albums have been in the top 5 of the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts), and while one single, My Death, reached number 2; the other two singles reached number one.


The modern approach to music, fuelled by passion for passionate people.

A record label for exclusively good music with dark undertones.

Watch this space as exciting developments unfold.